About #BCWineChat

Every Wedneday from 8-9pm PST you can follow the hashtag #BCWineChat on Twitter to watch or participate in discussions about some aspect of the British Columbia Grape and Wine industry.

Each week we discuss a topic which has been taken from a list that you can suggest on the topics page.  A schedule for the weeks’ topics is found on the schedule page.

This chat is meant to be inclusive.  To participate:

  • you do NOT need be from British Columbia.  Viewpoints from all corners of the earth are gladly welcome…and needed!
  • you do NOT need to grow or make wine
  • you do NOT need to sell wine
  • you do NOT need to drink BC wine (although it won’t hurt!)
  • you DO need to be respectful of others opinions that differ from you own

And please remember…

Use the hashtag #BCWineChat in ALL your twitter updates so that EVERYONE can see what you are thinking!

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