July 18, 2012 8-9pm PST: What International Wines Do You Buy and Why?


What International Wines Do You Buy and Why? 

So many wines so little time.  Of course us BC-ers all love BC wines but most of us drink wines from all over the world. Which wines do you drink that are from outside of Canada?  Why do you choose these wines?  Is it the price, the price to quality ratio, the packaging, a recommendation by a friend?  Are you choosing an international wine because of the country or the variety or both?

How often do you choose a wine from outside of BC or Canada as compared with one from another country?  Is it something you do all the time or only on rare occasion?

Recommendations, discussion on pricing, value of wine and what you choose to buy–all in this week’s quick one hour discussion on #BCWineChat.  Follow, watch, participate.  We’d love to have you!

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