September 19, 2012: BC Winery Restaurants



BC has approximately 20 winery restaurants.  That is a tremendous number of winery-owned restaurants for an industry with only 209 wineries.  Find out about the marriage of food and wine on the site where the wines are made.  Where are these restaurants?  What kind of food do they serve?  Are they open year round or only in the summer?  Do they serve other wines than their own?  Why have so many wineries opted to go into the restaurant business and what are your favourites?

We’ll introduce you to where you can find them in BC as well as some of the challenges that face BC’s winery restaurants…many are not considered to be a “real restaurant” by the Agricultural Land Reserve who allows them to exist.  For example, many winery restaurants are not allowed to serve even locally crafted beers or spirits because they do not have food primary license.  They are also not part of the new changes to the corkage laws we saw enacted this summer.

Pull up a glass of BC wine and take part in the chat!

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