October 24, 2012 8-9pm: Wine, Charity Auctions and BC’s Liquor Control and Licensing


Wine, Charity Auctions and BC’s Liquor Control and Licensing

For more info about tonight’s topic: www.modernizewine.ca

Recently, the BCLCLB (BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch) has begun enforcing a part of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act that states that all wine donated to charity auctions must come exclusively from agents or manufacturers–NOT from private individual donations or retailers.  Many of the charities in BC have long benefitted from silent and live auctions that include private individual donations of rare bottles that are highly sought after and make a great contribution to the charity’s money-raising efforts.

We will discuss how this part of the Act is being enforced, its implications on charities in BC as well as its implications on producers.  There is the distinct possibility that with private and retail donations being outlawed wineries may have to carry a bigger burden to keep charity auctions successful.

See you on Wednesday…and please don’t forget to use the hashtags #BCwineChat and #BCpoli when you tweet or retweet!

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