February 1, 2012 8-9pm PST: Vancouver Playhouse



The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival is now in its 34th year celebrating wines from around the globe.  It attracts over 25,000 people with wine on their mind and features 1,700 wines from 15 countries.  Each year the VPIWF focuses on a region and a wine and this year it is Wines of Chile and Cabernet(s) (Sauvignon and Franc).

What events and seminars still have tickets available?  If you’re a consumer and this is your first Playhouse Wine Festival how do you tackle a room with that many wines in it?  What seminars are you attending?  If you are a winery, what gets you through the week without collapsing?  Tips, recommendations for improvement, events you would like to see, complaints…all topics are fair game for this week’s #BCWineChat.

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