How did #BCWineChat Affect Change in 2012?


How did #BCWineChat Affect Change in 2012?

What a great year it was to be on twitter and to be active on #BCWineChat!  This week let’s look at where we’ve been, what we achieved, what we fell short in achieving and what we still have yet to tackle for next year. Your participation in feedback is critical to keeping the chat going!

In 2012 we certainly didn’t shy away from heated POLITICAL issues: From Bill C-311 to allow for interprovincial wine shipments to corkage laws to regulations for charity donations to farmer’s markets to regulations across the entire   industry.  The chat was always looking critically at the issues facing our wine industry as asking “Why do we need these archaic liquor laws?”

We covered CONSUMER issues like the age-ability of BC wines, BC Bubbly, Cabernet Franc, best varieties to grow, wine touring tips, BBQ pairings and pricing of BC wines.

We looked at issues facing WINERIES such as vineyard and cellar operations, winery restaurants, events and highlighting various wine regions (such as Vancouver Island).

We’d love to expand next year to include more discussion from RETAILERSRESTAURANTS and REGULATORS but that an only happen if word gets out about the good thing we have going with the chat.

Summary of 2012

#BCWineChat—The First Year

Dec 21, 11            Interprovincial Wine Shipments

Dec 28, 11            BC Wine Resolutions

Jan 4, 12               Regulations for Retailers and Restaurants

Jan 11, 12             BCLDB and Licensing Regulations for BC Wineries

Jan 18, 12             Meaning of Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable and Natural Wines

Jan 25, 12             What’s Happening in BC Wineries this Week?

Feb 1, 12              Vancouver Playhouse

Feb 8, 12              Ways to Boost Winery Tourism in BC—Part One

Feb 15, 12            Ways to Boost Winery Tourism in BC—Part Two

Feb 22, 12            What Will the BC Wine Industry Look like in 2017?

Feb 29, 12            Your BC Wine Epiphany Moment

Mar 7, 12             No Such Thing as a Stupid BC Wine Question

Mar 14, 12           Does BC do Pinot Noir Well?

Mar 21, 12           BC Wine Prices

Mar 28, 12           How to Make Wine Drinkers out of Non Wine Drinkers

Apr 4, 12              Wine Pairing Everyday Meals

Apr 11, 12            Cellared in Canada

Apr 18, 12            Open Up a Never-Had Bottle of BC Wine and Tweet

Apr 25, 12            The Wines of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands

May 2, 12             A Chat about #BCWIneChat

May 9, 12             BC Wine and Farmer’s Markets

May 16, 12          Fire Up the Grill!

May 23, 12          Corkage (Bring Your Own Bottle of Wine) to BC Restaurants

May 30, 12          Interprovincial Wine Shipments: Bill C-311

Jun 6, 12             This Week in BC Vineyards

Jun 13, 12            Special #BCWineChat: #FreeMyGrapes

Jun 20, 12            BC Roses

Jun 27, 12            Wine Touring for Newbies

Jul 4, 12               The Age-ability of BC Wines

Jul 11, 12             The Underappreciated. The Next Grape Stars of BC

Jul 18, 12             What International Wines do you Buy and Why?

Jul 25, 12             So Now You can BYO in BC (Corkage)

Aug 1, 12              What Grapes are Best in BC’s OTHER Regions?

Aug 8, 12              Wine Blogger’s Conference 2013 in Penticton

Aug 15, 12           Your Most Memorable Moment at a BC Winery

Aug 22, 12           Off Site Winery Tasting Rooms

Aug 29, 12           Your Favourite Home Cooked Meal with BC Wine

Sep 5, 12              BC Harvest 2012: Pre Harvest Report

Sep 12, 12            Good Old Fashioned Venting on BC’s Archaic Liquor Laws

Sep 19, 12            BC Winery Restaurants

Sep 26, 12            DO BC’s Wineries Help of Hurt the Environment?

Oct 3, 12               BC Wine and Thanksgiving

Oct 10, 12            A Cabernet Franc Celebration

Oct 17, 12            BC Bubbly!

Oct 24, 12            Wine, Charity Auctions and BC’s Liquor Control and Licensing

Oct 31, 12            Open Mic Night on #BCWIneChat

Nov 7, 12             What is ModernizeWine?

Nov 14, 12           #BCWineChat Meets #RoseRev

Nov 28, 12           Best BC Restaurant for BC Wine

Dec 5, 12              Sweet Dessert Wines from BC

Dec 12, 12            How Did #BCWineChat Affect Change in 2012?

December 5, 2012 8-9pm: Sweet Dessert Wines from BC


Sweet Dessert Wines from BC

The often forgotten dessert wines from BC should have their own chat.  I have been asked many times to host an hour on our wonderful late harvest and Icewines from BC.  Tonight we’ll discuss some of your favourites and which foods pair with them best.

If you have questions about how dessert wines are made hopefully we can talk about that too!  They’re sticky, and sweet and the topic of our next BCWineChat!

November 28, 2012 8-9pm: Best BC Restaurant for BC Wine


Best BC Restaurant for BC Wine

We are lucky to live in an area of Canada where BC wine is so heavily supported by its restaurants.  Do you have a favourite place to eat that supports BC wine?  Is there a restaurant list out there that is head and shoulders above others when it comes to BC wine selection?  Maybe there’s a tiny, nearby place you eat at that has a great, quirky selection of BC wines.  Is there a place that presents BC wine best because of its setting?  Its service?  Its selection?

This week we’re talking up the places that show BC wines the best–restaurants in BC and their wine lists.