June 18, 2014: Branding Canadian Wine


Branding Canadian Wine

If you were were in charge of branding Canadian wines to the rest of the world, how would you go about doing it? We certainly can brand smaller areas with more commonalities but how would you brand all of Canadian wine to other countries?

It is a relevant topic because this process is occurring right now at the national level. Give us your input. One word that says how Canadian wine is distinctly different from wines across the world…

June 4, 2014: BC Wine in 2020–Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations and Challenges


BC Wine in 2020–Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations and Challenges

Everyone can throw their hat into this ring. It’s time to pie in the sky our industry. If you are a wine lover, what would you like to see happen in the BC Wine industry in the next 6 years? If you work at winery what changes would you love to see made? What will beĀ our biggest challenges in this industry between now and 2020?

It’s a big topic and will be stick handled by the illustrious Paul Rickett from Bowen Island Beer and Wine Cellar.