February 20, 2013: Getting Ready for #WBC13


Getting Ready for #WBC13! 

 The Bloggers are Coming! The Bloggers are Coming!  Yes, it is true, the Wine Bloggers Conference is coming to Penticton in 2013 and we can’t be happier!  It all takes place from June 6-8 where our Valley will play host to a couple hundred wine blogging media–many of whom are just discovering our beautiful wines for the first time.

Find out what happens at #WBC13, whether or not you should attend, events that have been announced, how you can participate and how it will change the way the world looks at BC Wines.

Come with questions and come with answers if you have been lucky to attend other Wine Blogger’s Conferences.

February 6, 2013: Will TED Talks BC Next Year Affect BC Food and Wine’s Future?


Will TED Talks BC Next Year Affect BC Food and Wine’s Future?  

March 2014 TED talks’ 30th anniversary comes to Canada, and more specifically, Vancouver.  It will be a big boost to the presence of Vancouver on the world stage, and our food and wine will also be on display.

Do you feel that TED talks in BC will affect our food and wine industry or not?  Why or why not?  We’re talking all about TED + Wine + Food + BC so join in at 8pm on Wednesday!

January 30, 2013: Hopeful Changes for the BC Wine Industry in 2013


Hopeful Changes for the BC Wine Industry in 2013

Do you ever want to see things change in our wine industry?  As a consumer, do you ever hope that laws will not become so…archaic?  This is the night where #BCWineChat give you a voice.  Tell us BC wine industry changes that you would like to see realized in 2013.

The Chat will be hosted by the illustrious Frank Haddad (@haddadfrank on twitter)