April 22, 2015: Update/Trends: Social Media and Wine


Update/Trends: Social Media and Wine 

This week’s #BCWineChat will be co-hosted by Irene Lau (@i_on_food_drink) and Eliana Bray (@ZWineNinja) who first met on twitter and finally IRL (in real life) four months after – not including the time they sat back to back at a harvest party lunch without realizing it. We’ll be talking about fun and social wine experiences and finding out if #BCWineChat-ers are using other forms of Social Media and what they are enjoying – or not! We look forward to seeing you online!

February 25, 2015: Live Tweet Up #BCWineChat @MarquisWineCell


Live Tweet Up #BCWineChat @MarquisWineCell  February 25, 2015

Join us– no really–join us in person.  This is our 3rd annual #BCWineChat in person tweet up this year hosted by @marquiswinecell on Davie Street in Vancouver.  We will have wines being poured from 8th Generation, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Black Cloud, Haywire, Time Winery and Tinhorn Creek.  It promises to be SO MUCH FUN!

November 27, 2013: Open Forum

Open Forum 

This week’s chat is what is technically referred to a “a free for all”.  On your mind?  Let’s talk about it!  Have a gripe, an “atta boy/girl” or a suggestion? Tonight’s your night on #BCWineChat

June 5: If I Could Tell the #WBC13 Bloggers One Great Thing About Our BC Wine Industry it Would Be…


If I Could Tell the #WBC13 Wine Bloggers One Great Thing About Our BC Wine Industry it Would Be… (feed lost)

The Wine Blogger’s are here!  The Wine Blogger’s are here!  A wonderful group of enthusiastic wine, food and travel bloggers are descending on Penticton this week and here’s your chance to encapsulate in one location your best thing (or things) about the BC Wine industry.  Sure, it’s always easier to gripe and moan about how we can make our industry better, but here’s your time to tell people who don’t know a lot about our area why we love what we do and where we do it.

Consumers, retailers, restaurants, and wineries!  Why you love this place, its people and these wines?  We’ll package it up pretty for the Wine Bloggers for reading later so think about it and then tweet it.

April 24, 2013: What Can We Do To Strengthen Our BC Wine Industry?


What Can We Do To Strengthen Our BC Wine Industry?

We are a great industry but there are many things that can be done to strengthen our industry.  What can each winery, store, restaurant, government agency and consumer do to make this great BC wine industry even better than it is now?

It is election time and you can be assured that some of the #BCPoli will be tuning in to our chat on Wednesday at 8pm.  Be constructive or critical–anything goes this week…but remember the goal is to find ways to make this industry even stronger.