January 20, 2016: The Vancouver International Wine Festival 2016


Vancouver International Wine Festival 2016 

It’s back!  The Vancouver International Wine Festival and the theme country is Italy!  Lots of great wines in the room and lots of great BC wines in particular.  Find out all about the festival in time to book just the right tickets for you!

January 6, 2016: Wish List for BC Wines in 2016


Wish List for BC Wines in 2016 

Welcome back to BCWineChat in 2016! This week we’re talking about all your wishes for this new year. From wines to sales to wineries to restaurants to tourism–the sky’s the limit on what you’ll wish for this year. Share your thoughts with us and maybe some will come true!

December 9, 2015: BC Wine Holiday Gift Guide

HERE’S HOW THE CHAT WENT: (Apologies, only the last few minutes of the chat was captured)

BC Wine Holiday Gift Guide 

Looking for some hints for what to buy that special person in your life? Wine goes with everything and you can never go wrong with BC Wine. Check out the chat this time and bring a pen and paper (or get ready to favourite your favourite tweets) because we’re giving out lots of holiday gift ideas!