November 20, 2013: Holiday Gifts for the BC Wine Lover


Holiday Gifts for the BC Wine Lover 

Of course BC wine is great all through the year but it also makes a wonderful local product to give away during the holidays.  Join us with your suggestions and questions tonight! Christmas is only 5 weeks from today!

November 13, 2013: Harvest 2013 in the Rear View Mirror


Harvest 2013 in the Rear View Mirror 

It’s one of the favourite chats of the year…find out about the harvest that just wrapped up. Some wineries have been done bringing in the grapes for a while and some are just finishing, but it’s still a great time to find out how the vintage fared.

Weather, trial and tribulations, successes and surprises.  We’re talking about all things BC Wine and all things Harvest 2013.

November 6, 2013: Winter Wine Events

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Winter Wine Events  

Winter is a great time to get out and sample all of the new wines that BC wineries have released.  Home events are large like Cornucopia in Whistler, some are regional like Oliver/Osoyoos’s Winter in Wine Country or Summerland’s Light Up the Vines  or Rosé Revolution and some are wineries hosting their own events at restaurants and their wineries.

Find out about all the cool winter wine events tonight.  BCWineChat will be hosted by a very enthusiastic consumer of BCWines, Chantal Ireland!

October 30, 2013: The BC Wine Authority


The BC Wine Authority  

Unless you are a BC winery chances are you have never heard of the BC Wine Authority.  As its website states, it is an independent regulatory authority to which the BC government has delegated the enforcement of our wine regulations in BC.

Included in wine regulations are winery inspections, running the tasting panels for VQA wines, which varieties are allowed to carry the VQA designation, winemaking regulations (minimum brix levels, blending rules etc), prohibited additives to wine, designation of sub appellations, and various other regulations around specific products like Icewine, sparkling wine and fortified wines.

Pretty geeky stuff if you are a consumer but pretty important if you are a winery.

If you are a winery we’d love to have you join us tonight.  It will, no doubt, be a frank discussion.