June 4, 2014: BC Wine in 2020–Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations and Challenges


BC Wine in 2020–Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations and Challenges

Everyone can throw their hat into this ring. It’s time to pie in the sky our industry. If you are a wine lover, what would you like to see happen in the BC Wine industry in the next 6 years? If you work at winery what changes would you love to see made? What will be our biggest challenges in this industry between now and 2020?

It’s a big topic and will be stick handled by the illustrious Paul Rickett from Bowen Island Beer and Wine Cellar.


January 22, 2014: Building A Canadian Wine Culture


Building a Canadian Wine Culture

Tonight is a special 2 hour #BCWineChat with our neighbors across the country #ONWineChat.  Join us either from 7-8pm or 8-9pm (normal time)–or both!–to discuss how we can build a Canadian Wine Culture in Canada.  Feel free to use either hashtag in your tweets.

What is Canadian wine culture?  If there is no such thing how do we start to build one?  Why would we want to build one?

Isn’t it time Canada drinks more of its own wine?  We think it is!

November 27, 2013: Open Forum

Open Forum 

This week’s chat is what is technically referred to a “a free for all”.  On your mind?  Let’s talk about it!  Have a gripe, an “atta boy/girl” or a suggestion? Tonight’s your night on #BCWineChat

September 25, 2013: Sampling Charges at BC Tasting Rooms


Sampling Charges at BC Winery Tasting Rooms 

Consumers and travelers find many different options in this great province of ours when it comes to sampling wines at winery tasting rooms.  Some do not charge, some charge but then refund if you purchase, some conduct longer tours or tastings that are arranged ahead of time for a fee and many other possibilities.

What goes into making these decisions at wineries and what goes through the head of a consumer when faced with these various scenarios?

Tonight’s topic brings you into the tasting rooms or BC and we hope you’ll join us!